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Welcome to my Night World web site!

Here you'll find plenty of information on all types of subjects including horror writers and their books(Night World by L.J. Smith, ect.) and info on some of horror's most famous creatures!

On this site, you'll find links to other sites with similar subjects and the links to other pages full information.

Please sign my guest book with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me by e-mail. I love to get mail!

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What's New?

6/11/04-I'm alive! Can you believe it? I've been a very bad girl not updating this site. Bad, Heidi, bad. I'm so sorry guys. I have excuses...many excuses, but I mostly was afraid to post anything else on here with it's low bandwidth. As it is, this site is down half the time anyway. I would buy more, but I'm just a lowly teenager with no credit card and parents waiting for a computer takeover. I'll be updating this all summer, so sit tight and come back often! I have a lot of work to do *sigh* Maybe I'll be finished by the time I'm 30.


6/26/02- Hey, everyone! I can't believe it. Over 1200 people have visited my site! Thanks alot to everyone that's visited, especially those who commented in the Guest book or e-mailed me. I'm sorry if I didn't get to e-mail all of the people who signed the guest book. I suspect that some of the pictures on this sight are copyrighted. Those pictures were sent to me by friends and visitors to this site. If you a see a picture that you know is yours by copyright, please allow me to continue displaying it and send me your name and which picture it is. If you would like your picture removed, then please e-mail me and tell me which one it is. Since school is out (Yeah! ;) ) I'll be adding to this site often so check back every once in a while. If you have some topics that you think should be here, e-mail them to me. Again, if you have a site that fits in with one of the posted topics, then feel free to send it to me. Remember, you can always e-mail me with specifiic questions or comments. If your message is sent back to you without my reply, then my inbox is full. I literally get atleast 50 emails a day so please just wait a day and resend it. There is a new teen author breaking out into print named Kyle Bladow. Click on the banner above this message to find info. on his book and himself. Have a great summer everyone! Heidi.

3/21/02- Hey everyone. Sorry I havent writen in the what's new section but I didn't have any time. I still added the dhiampire page, am currently working on an angel page(in honor of a recent death and my confirmation), and I've changed a few graphics. The angel page should be up in a lttle while if it isn't up by the time you read this. I do work on this site regularly even if the amount varies.  I'm sorry to those who've posted in the guestbook and haven't recieved a reply from me. I'll try to do that in the future. If you really want a reply, I suggest e-mailing me wiht you comments since I do chack my e-mail daily. If you guys have any pictures, information, ideas, or your own web pages you think go along with this site I'd apriciate it if you'd e-mail them to me. Thank you so much for visiting my small site.

8/24/01- Hey! This is the official start of my site. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions.

If you feel my site is good enough to link to feel free to use the following banner! If anyone is nice enough to make a better one for me since I have no real computer skills, I'd really apreciate it!



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